A Classical Education at an Affordable Price:

Thank you for considering making a financial supporting this worthy cause in service of God. Your generosity will make this element of the New Evangelization possible.

Exceptional Matching opportunity!

The Chesterton Academy of Annapolis has been blessed by a donor who has offered to match dollar-for-dollar the next $30,000 of donations starting June 18, 2018.  Please contribute to help the School reach its goal of $100,000 in reserve funds by the start of the Fall 2018 Semester. These reserves will be needed to provide a financially stable first year.

Please send Checks to:

Chesterton Academy of Annapolis

P.O. Box 1478

Edgewater, MD 21037

Or donate via Paypal:

Contact: Bill Cleary with any question: (240)-375-8934


Need for Financial Support:

A major characteristic of the Chesterton Academy model is a classical education at a tuition that is affordable to a family of average income.  Private school education was more affordable decades ago.  The Chesterton Academy of Annapolis hopes to keep annual tuition for its students at $9500, or below, and in the future, to be able to offer tuition assistance to families who want the best for their children but can’t afford it.

We seek your assistance in making this possible.  Please consider contributing to this worthy effort to rebuild education and serve God.  Donations can be in many forms such as:

  • Monthly contribution that provides steady income. This can help with school budgeting and showing an income stream that assists with applying for leases or other financial loans.
  • Lump Sum donations which can be used to build the school’s reserves and serve the annual budget to keep tuition affordable.
  • Matching Donations: Some generous donors have offered to match donations dollar for dollar!  Please help us take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your support with the help of others.